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A man should ONLY pay 50% of the household bills as it is fair

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S Sonam , Nice, France 7 months ago

In a household , if both man and woman are working with similar kind of salary then both can contribute equally. If the ecomonic situation of any one is very weak, then the partner with better finances should pitch in with more responsibilites. On the other hand, there exists many such household where the women are still not working and their primary responsibility is to manage the house work. In this scenario we can not expect a non working woman to pay 50% of the household expense. This question has many layers and is difficult to quantify with just a yes or a no :) But have provided my response according to the situation wherein both the partners are working and have similar salary structure.

7 months ago
Fred Kyia , Lewisham Way, London, UK 7 months ago

If the lady i am with is my wife, then this matter matters little. Open to her preferences.

    Steven Thorng, Montreal, QC, Canada 7 months ago

    That's true !

    7 months ago
7 months ago