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About Us & FAQs

What is YaaNaah?

It is a voting platform designed to help users provide their instinctive opinions on trending topics by clicking on “Yaa” for “Yes” or “Naah” for “No”.

Why YaaNaah?

YaaNaah aims at bringing voting transparency back to where it should be with the opportunity for individuals to interpret and make informed conclusions about the data they see 

What you may use YaaNaah for?

YaaNaah encourages users to create topics with the following characteristics:

  • Topics on themes that have for goal to garner support for a cause
  • Topics on themes that make one's mind tick
  • Topics used for individuals/associations/entities deserving honorary titles 
  • Topics aiming at bringing any form of change
  • Anything users feel is worth voting for / celebrating

What is YaaNaah NOT about? 

YaaNaah is not made to libel or denigrate anybody or any party/association. Please read the community guidelines in the terms and conditions  page for more information.

What should I do if I post content that is not mine? 

You have the opportunity to give credit to the author of your topic your are posting by including a hyperlink right at the bottom. 

You will need to click on "Create Topic” => "Log in" => "Hyperlink"

What happens if I put inappropriate content?

YaaNaah aims to put interesting content that is appropriate for the wider public. Please take a look at our Community Guidelines for more information. YaaNaah Ltd reserves the right to delete content should the posts look inappropriate.

I have suggestions for Yaanaah!

YaaNaah is always looking at making improvements to the experience. This is the Beta version that was officially launched on the 3rd of August 2020. Please get in touch if you have recommendations to make